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Tektite resonates at a very high frequency
➡️ It enables one to reach higher levels of consciousness
➡️ You may find that your energy begins to rise when you touch it.
➡️ You'll become a perfect conduit for energy from your highest
self and your guides

➡️ Tektite is a form of natural glass, formed by meteorite strikes to
the earth
➡️ It is black. When it is in green it is called...... wait for it....
➡️ connects one with their angels, spirit guides and elestial protectors
➡️ Useful to bring information in through dream work, deja vu experiences, daily synchronicities, and heightened cognitive & psychic abilities.
➡️ Facilitates communication with otherworldly realms and encourages spiritual growth
➡️ In some traditional societies, tektites are worn to promote fertility for both men and women
➡️ is known as a stone of freedom


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