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This gift box has a value of $60+, but can be yours for just $44! Contains:

-Stone of spiritual enlightenment.
-Used by psychic, healers
-Awakens the crown chakra.
-Powerfully protective and guards against psychic attack.
-Connects the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.
-Cleanses the aura.
-Deeply healing.
-Stirs imagination and intuition.

Selenite Mini Tower:
-Selenite is a powerful cleanser and charger of other crystals that never needs cleansing
-It encourages a peaceful atmosphere and a peaceful mind
-Selenite opens the crown and higher chakras, stills the mind and enables you to find peace within yourself. It represents spiritual purity, light and connection

-The stone of luck
-Highly protective, shields from all negative energies
-Attracts abundance, wealth and prosperity
-Powerful in manifestation
-Stimulates intellect and enhanced memory

Black Tourmaline:
-Tourmaline cleanses purifies and transforms dense energies
-It balances all of the chakras and forms a protective shield around the entire body
-Tourmaline shields against EMF’s
-It helps you to have a positive attitude towards your goals and desires, increases physical vitality and promotes self power and confidence
-Tourmaline enables you to break through challenges and see your success

Rhodonite Crystal Penis:
-An emotional balancer that encourages harmony in humanity and nurtures love.
-Stimulates, clears and balances the heart chakra
-Aids in achieving one's true potential
-Protects against envy and jealousy
-Brings purpose and cooperation
-Rhodonite grounds and stabilizes and is known as an
emotional healer that encourages self confidence.
-It helps to transform negative energy between people

Holiday Gift Box

SKU: 7022
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