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What Does Quartz Do?

How to use different quartz crystals for healing

As I sit here writing, I’m surrounded by quartz.

There’s just something about it that raises the vibration in any space, don’t you think?

What makes Quartz so special?

As a Master Healer, Quartz carries an extremely high vibration. In many circles, it’s believed to be the highest vibration crystal available to us.

While we tend to think of quartz as clear, smokey, rose, lemon, etc. it actually includes many other common forms of crystals including amethyst, citrine, chalcedony, agate, chrysoprase and jasper.

The most abundant crystal on earth, quartz is said to make up about 12% of the land surface and about 20% of the earth’s crust.

Think of the last time you walked on a dirt or gravel road. Chances are a little sparkle caught your eye and you picked up a piece of quartz.

Generally speaking, quartz is an amplifier of energy. It will amplify the energy of other crystals, objects and even people that it shares space with. For this reason, it’s an excellent idea to add a quartz crystal to the centre of a grid and/or to any type of crystal collection that you have.

Types of Quartz

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus only on commonly recognized types of quartz. We’ll dive into citrine, amethyst, etc, in another post.

Clear Quartz Healing Properties

Clear quartz is an excellent choice for meditation, healing and spiritual work. It can be used to rebalance all of the chakras. It’s often used for manifestation and can help you to get super clear on your desires. It enhances focus and mental clarity, is a protective stone that invites harmony into your space and increases psychic abilities and connection with your highest self. Clear quartz amplifies and expands the energy of everything around it. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It’s protective against EMF’s

Clear quartz has been used to soothe the emotional body for centuries. It’s an excellent stone to reach for in times of stress. Physically, clear quartz is said to strengthen the immune system.

Quartz Feng Shui Placement

Place your Clear Quartz for Harmony in the Home

Clear quartz has the ability to absorb light and turn it into energy. Look inside of any clear quartz and you can feel this phenomenon

To bring harmony into your home, place a quartz sphere

Inside the house, directly in front of the front door. This will help it to bring energy and light from outside in, harmonizing your space

Crackle Quartz Healing Properties Crackle Quartz is so cool! It’s formed by heating quartz and then quickly cooling it. Dye can be added to colour the crackled quartz. Crackled quartz counteracts negative energy. It’s a joyful stone that can be used to increase positivity and fun! Crackle Quartz to Balance Chakras Crackle quartz has all of the healing properties of quartz and the colour it’s been dyed (if any) coordinates with the particular chakra that colour represents.

  • Red - Root Chakra - all about stability and balance

  • Orange - Sacral Chakra - all about creativity, fun and sexual energy

  • Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra - all about confidence, self worth, personal power

  • Green - Heart Chakra - all about love and caring for self and others

  • Blue - Throat chakra - all about speaking your truth

  • Indigo - Third Eye Chakra - all about connection to the spirit world - your intuition

  • Clear - Crown Chakra - connection to your highest self and your guide

Milky Quartz - AKA White Quartz or Snow Quartz Healing Properties Milky quartz is simply clear quartz that is more opaque. This happens when the clear quartz mixes with different minerals or elements that are deposited. They can range from milky white to a more translucent, creamy colour. Milky quartz then shares all of the same properties of clear quartz. It’s a stone of balance that invites us to live in harmony within ourselves. Milky quartz can be used to rebalance ALL of the chakras. It too is a master healer, especially soothing to the inner child in all of us. Milky quartz can be used to cleanse the aura and renew your spirit. It is nourishment for your soul that offers a protective shield from dark energies. It is said to hold the wisdom of the ages and to connect us to higher consciousness in our healing work. Smoky Quartz Healing Properties Smokey quartz is one of the most protective stones available to us. It’s excellent in times of stress and anxiousness to help us to feel grounded. Smokey quartz is the perfect choice for protection against EMF’s. Keep it in your office and on your body when you need to be in areas where EMF’s are present. You can use smokey quartz to guard yourself, your home, your vehicles, and possessions. Put these stones everywhere! Where clear quartz is expansive, smokey quartz contracts energy concentrating it where it’s needed most. It’s great for manifesting your deepest desires. It helps to dissolve negative energies and transform them. Smokey quartz is an excellent crystal to banish fear, guilt, and anger. It invites us to let go of what no longer serves us. While Smokey quartz can be used to balance all of the chakras, particularly to align the higher and lower chakras, it’s specialty really is in balances or stabilizing the root chakra. Use Smokey Quartz in all of your healing work to bring the light while keeping you grounded.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Loving yourself is at the core of loving anyone or anything else so use your rose quartz in all of your self love practices. Because rose quartz can be submerged in water, it’s an excellent choice for charging drinking water (simply by placing it in your glass water vessel) or for using in a rose quartz bath. Repeat loving and caring messages to your body as you do this and you’ll be off to the races! Rose quartz can also be used to bring romantic love and partnerships into your life and to strengthen existing relationships Rose quartz carries a gentle, soothing energy that nurtures and encourages unconditional love and compassion. It’s the perfect stone to carry daily. Use rose quartz to connect to feminine energy and in your work with the lunar cycles. It’s most supportive of the heart chakr Lemon Sulphur Quartz Healing Properties One of my favourites! Lemon sulphur quartz is created by heating amethyst, iron and yellow quartz together at extremely high temperatures. The heat is what makes it so yellow and when you break lemon sulphur quartz, you’ll smell the sulphur. So cool!! This quartz is most supportive of the solar plexus chakra, your personal power centre. It’s an excellent stone for an office space as it helps to keep you focused and on task. Lemon quartz is a joyful stone that encourages a positive outlook on life. It can help with memory and reduce anxious feelings when they come up and is known as a gentle healing stone. Help to quit smoking! Fun fact! Lemon quartz is said to help with cravings for food and for nicotine! If someone in your life is trying to quit smoking, you can also try soaking wooden toothpicks in a mixture of Black Pepper and Cinnamon oil with carrier oil overnight. The toothpicks will absorb the essential oils and then chewing on them helps to kill the craving. Back to lemon quartz. As with all quartz, it’s going to be perfect for meditation and any healing practice because it has such a high vibration. Lemon quartz is truly a power stone that will support intuition, insight and creativity. Lemurian Quartz Healing Properties - Mysterious The Lemurian people are rumoured to have been advanced beings who lived 50,000 years ago, in a place called Lemuria. They are said to be one of 5 original races of humans. Lemuria was believed to be a piece of land connecting Africa and India. It was further believed to be similar to Atlantis, in that it seemingly vanished from the earth. It’s been theorized that the entire civilization was wiped out by a flood At first glance, Lemurian quartz may look like clear quartz. The difference is that embedded within will be horizontal lines that are often referred to as memories. It holds incredible, historic energies, each point being significantly powerful and packed with information. Lemurian quartz invites us to find inner peace and to connect with the Divine. It helps to connect with your souls true purpose and it’s said that we can connect with the wisdom of the Lemurian race held within these crystals. Lemurian quartz fosters a connection with the Divine Feminine. It’s a skilled healer that can be used to cleanse your energy field or aura, dissolve negativity, clear blockages and rebalance and renew the chakra system. Elestial or Crocodile Quartz - Healing Properties It’s said that miners often refer to elestial quartz as crocodile quartz because of the bumpy feel that they have - it looks like crocodile scales! Like all quartz, elestial quartz is a master healer. This one heals at a soul and karmic level. It is said that they can resolve deep karmic issues in a soft and gentle way that is always for your highest good, and at a pace that is comfortable for your growth. Elestial comes from the word celestial or heavenly being. Elestial quartz is an excellent choice for connecting with your angels, spirit guides, and beings from other realms. It brings this spirit connection with it always and is an excellent stone to keep nearby.

Whether you're new to crystals or a seasoned collector, Quartz is one that continually calls to the soul. What types of quartz do you have in your collection? Comment below!