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What Does it Mean When A Crystal Breaks?

Does it mean something when a crystal breaks? There are a few schools of thought on why a crystal breaks. My personal take on it is that the crystal is ‘full’ and it has completed its journey or purpose (in the way it was being used) with you. If you have been using this particular crystal as you work through a difficult period in your own journey, it’s now ready to be released from this work and move on. What should I do with the pieces when a crystal breaks? When a crystal breaks, the broken pieces should be given to those who are closest to them as they are ‘jumping’ towards that person or spirit. So if your friend is next to you, or even a stranger for that matter, when the crystal breaks, consider that she/he may need it more than you do now. If you’re the only one around, the crystal pieces are meant to stay with you! If the chunks are big enough, they can be repurposed as stand alone crystals, parts of crafts like mosaics or used in plants to encourage healthy growth. Green tourmaline is especially good for this! Be sure to thank the crystal for the work it’s done in your life, cleanse the broken pieces and reprogram them if necessary before giving them another purpose to fulfill. It’s a good idea to place your broken crystals on selenite to be recharged before using them again. Some of the ways to repurpose broken crystal pieces include;

  • mosaics and other crafty projects

  • in jewelry making

  • crystal chips can be used in essential oil rollers

  • in the bottom of crystal bowls and displays

  • as part of a grid

  • in the ashtray of your car to offer protection as you travel

  • in your wallet or purse to offer protection and/or bring abundance

  • in homemade candles

  • place them in a jar or vase to make crystal confetti

How to release your crystal Really, a broken crystal signifies that a shift has taken place, which you may or may not have felt, and that’s ok! Accept it as part of cosmic order and move on knowing you and your crystal are in the right place. It can be fun to play a kind of trivia game with yourself when a crystal breaks. I always like to stop and pause and remember what exactly I was doing or thinking at the exact moment of the breakage. Sometimes, there’s meaning there that I can find. I also like to examine how it broke. What shape(s) is it in now? Does it have any rainbows or interesting things inside that I can see? Finally, it’s interesting to go back to the purpose for which you purchased or were gifted the crystal. What is different in your life now? Can you see how it has worked with you on the journey and are you at a different place now than you were then? The final question is really this; What will you do with your ‘new’ crystals now? You can have a lot of fun with crystal pieces!

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