May Crystal of the Month!

Because it's Vickie's BIG BIRTHDAY month, we had to choose her favourite crystal.

Apophyllite it is!!
It's in every room of her house!

Because of its high water content, apophyllite is known to carry the Akashic Records (the records of all time) It's so beneficial in meditation and/or any spiritual practice and it has a super high energy that will raise the vibe in any room you place it in.

Apophyllite is linked to astral travel, physic abilities, connecting with your angels and spirit guides, and expanding consciousness.

Green apophyllite shares the properties of apophyllite and also brings pure joy and healing light.

Apophyllite is a highly intuitive stone that is said to balance and harmonize masculine and feminine energies within and without.

Apophyllite supports the Crown, Third Eye, and Heart Chakras bringing clarity, calm and peacefulness.

Place it in the centre of your home to raise the vibration and in any dark corners or stagnant areas to clear blockages.